5 things I would never go without in the field.

Tools crucial for an expedition.

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I’m a scientist that divides its time between the ivory wall of academia and the remote locations of our planets to chase life in extreme places. In the last 15 years or so doing this job, first as a student and later as a professor, I’ve led several expeditions and I’ve participated in many more. I visited the high arctic in the midst of the winter, I drove and hiked the high altitudes of the Atacama desert and the Andean volcanoes, and I’ve plunged to the depths of the middle ocean ridge in the Pacific Ocean just to mention a few.

Doing all this I’ve learned a thing or two about field work in extreme environments. At the end of the day, whatever the environment, there are a few items I always rely on. It’s my personal “never without list” for hardcore explorers.

So here are five items, in no particular order, I never leave the comfort of my academic surroundings without:

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